You will learn what it is like to be an Associate.

Because you will be doing what they do, not carrying their files or photocopying.


Our Internship Program is designed to provide an accurate picture of what life is really like as an associate, at our firm.


What does that mean?

Participation in mock trials.

Preparation of actual witnesses.

Work on real cases, draft letters and complaints.

Research assignments that you will complete yourself.

Gain practical knowledge: draft, attend court, even talk to clients yourselves.

At least one assignment in an area of your choosing.

Participation in client meetings.



If you are interested in interning at Peritia, we encourage you to send us your résumé and a writing sample.  



Q. How do I apply?

A. Send your résumé and writing sample to


Q. When will callbacks take place?

A. We will start callbacks soon after we receive your resume. Don’t worry if you’re busy and cannot schedule an interview immediately, just let us know, and we will schedule it when you are available.


Q. If I receive an offer, will I have to accept or reject it immediately?

A. Of course not. You will have an opportunity to meet other firms—if you want to. Just let us know that you have not made up your mind yet so that another candidate does not lose out on the internship spot. Even if the timings don't work out this time we will make sure that we offer you the first internship spot that becomes available.

Q. Why should I apply to Peritia?

A. Our Internship Program is a unique opportunity to work directly under the supervision of our partners. Our interns gain hands-on, practical work experience providing legal services directly to clients or engaging in the tasks associated with advocacy, litigation, even policy development and analysis and other related legal work.  We also help with supplemental educational, networking and advising to enhance your legal education and build lasting connections to the Indian law community.  You will also receive a certificate of completion and in case of exceptional work you will receive a certificate of excellence.


Q. Will I get paid?

Unlike most law internship programs, Peritia does pay stipends to our Interns. However, the stipend is flexible and directly related to your merit, achievements and how well you do at Peritia. Since the stipend is directly proportional to your work there will be unpaid internships as well. This may apply to interns who receive training for their own educational benefit if the training meets certain criteria. The determination of whether an intern will receive a stipend depends upon all of the facts and circumstances of each such program and the intern themselves.

Q. What will be my day to day responsibilities?

A. Going to Court, help in preparing drafts and complaints, handle miscellaneous work in Court, talking to clients, not just sitting in client meetings but participating as well. We believe that after you intern with us, you will be a lawyer.

Q. When do you offer internships?

A. At Peritia we welcome candidates all year round . It is a structured program giving you the best possible experience. Usually, we run four (4) cycle of internship programs per year.

Q. Who can apply?

A. Only those candidates can apply who are available for full time (in-office) internship. The location of the internship will be Delhi so you may apply if you can be available for a duration of 3 months in Delhi. Further, we only accept

  3rd, 4th and 5th year interns.

Q. What personal attributes do I need?

A. Enjoy working with people, be a team player and be willing to learn from others.

Q. Do you offer a PPO (Pre Placement Offer)?

A. Yes we do.

Q. What is the dress code?

A. If you have to go to Court then black and white are a must. If you don't want to go to Court you may wear business casual.

Q. When are working hours?

A.  Intern schedules can be flexible, but are generally between 10:00 am - 7 pm, Monday through Saturday.

Q. Will I work with clients?

A. Interns often have client contact during their internship. How much you work with the clients depends entirely on you.

Q. I am in my final year, am I still eligible to apply?

A. Yes, our Internship program is mainly aimed at students in their penultimate or final year. 


Q. I have graduated, am I still eligible to apply?

A. Even if you have already completed your law degree and did not apply for an internship while in college, you are still eligible to apply.


Q. I don’t have any paralegal/legal experience, can I still apply?

A. Prior legal experience is not a requirement. You should make the most of any work related experience that you have, regardless of the discipline, and focus on what you have learned and observed and how this will apply to your legal career.


Q. I have been invited to an interview. Who will I be interviewing with?

A. Interviews are hosted by HR and partners. We do not always specify who you will be interviewed by during the process, due to last minute changes, which can be unsettling.


Q. How many interns do you take?

A. We take around 10 – 12 interns each year, with a view to offering PPO's to at least 3 - 5 interns. However, our trainee number is dependent on business needs and the calibre of interns.


Q. Can I do a part time/shorter internship?

A. We appreciate that you may have other commitments, however, our internship is a structured program which trains you to be an Associate at our Firm. Having said that, we also offer shorter internship programs.

Q. What if I have questions?

A. Feel free to get in touch with our recruiting contact at

But before you do, please click on the download button for further details about our internship program. 

We’ve tried to give you all of the information you need, but you may still have some questions. We welcome questions about any aspect of our programs, our office or applications, and what being a lawyer at Peritia Law Chambers means.